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JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney


JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney








Squirrel Barn Holiday Let, Milwich, Staffordshire

The Green Man, Milwich, Staffordshire

Milwich Playground, Milwich, Staffordshire

The Sun,  Stafford, Staffordshire

Stafford Castle, Stafford, Staffordshire

Victoria Park, Stafford, Staffordshire


Olivia and her ex-girlfriend Penny are reuniting for their friend Natasha's Halloween weekend away in Hollowhood.

At first Olivia dreams of reigniting the love she and Penny shared, but the creepy locals, the peculiar priest, and a man whose wife went missing five years ago change those plans. Soon Olivia isn't focussed on whether she and Penny can fall back in love, she's focussed on whether she and Penny can survive.


To contact any of the cast or crew of Hollowhood, please email and reference the name of the person you would like to speak to,  what publication, and the nature of the communication required.



Hollowhood is the brain child of JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney. JJ and Jonathan's background is as authors and sreenwrtiers. After having written for others, and feeling ready to take creative control, in the Autumn of 2019, JJ and Jonathan decided they wanted to invest in making a feature film.

Despite having no money,  no experience, no cast, no crew and no locations, JJ and Jonathan forged ahead.

Their first step was to find actors willing to work long hours for no pay. With their cast of actors assembled, they were able to start working out what story they would be able to tell.

With a plot idea, they began scouting locations to make their film in. As the majority of the cast were based in JJ and Jonathan's home town of Stafford in Staffordshire, they approached different businesses in the area to request an opportunity to film on their premisese. The lovely people of Staffordshire were extremely accommodating and soon Squirrel Barn, The Sun, and The Green Man were confirmed as locations for their story to be told in.

Filming commenced in January 2021. With only 10 days on location to film the majority of the film, the schedule was tight. There was little room for error. Despite challenges, everthing went to plan. However, the final scenes were scheduled for a few weeks later. And then the pandemic closed down the country.

JJ and Jonathan ploughed forwards with editing and scoring Hollowhood during lockdown. With three children in the house, and home schooling to be done, this proved challenging. But they persevered. Originally intending to release their film in October 2020, all involved had to accept the inevitable delay caused by lockdown.

Over lockdown, JJ and Jonathan were able to use the delay to connect with a variety of musicians and singers. Both producing music themselves and working with other artists,  JJ and Jonathan put together an eclectic and interesting soundtrack to accompany the film.

In June 2021, the final scenes were shot. Though set in the winter, and filmed on the hottest day of the year, the team made it work.

Whilst currently negotiating distribution rights for Hollowhood, the Halloween theme puts a time pressure on the release. Keen not to be delayed by another year, JJ and Jonathan will be releasing the film directly onto the Siren Stories YouTube if an alternative platform cannot be arranged before October 2021.